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When limited English speakers call...

Or Walk In To Your Offices... Reach for!

As you know... governmental agencies serving the public must provide "meaningful access" to services, regardless of language.

"Each Federal agency shall examine the services it provides and develop and implement a system by which LEP persons can meaningfully access those services"
Executive Order 13166

LEP Compliance

Read Exec Order 13166 has provided cost effective...

...easy access to on-demand language services for Federal, State, County and City Agencies, including:

  • Dept. of Human Services - In-office, outreach, WIC, Family Services
  • Dept. of Health - Patient care, Title VI compliance, field outreach
  • Protective & Regulatory Agencies - Field outreach and document translation
  • Dept. of Revenue - Tax filing help, revenue collections, forms
  • Dept. of Labor - Workers Comp, Personnel, Human Resources, Employment Centers
  • Emergency Services - Homeland Security, Disaster Relief, Fire and EMT Services
  • Police Enforcement - 911 Call Centers
  • Call Centers - 211 networks, Poison Centers, Public Help Lines
  • Education - School Districts to State Universities
  • Court & Attorney General - Court Certified interpreters

"Now, my court staff does not spend time trying to find an interpreter. Your service is easy to use, fast and affordable. I don't know what we would do without you!"

Interpreters Over-The-Phone:
  • 170 languages - on-demand 24/7/365
  • Connect in seconds - no appointments - no waiting
  • Flat Fee - pay only for the time you use - no minimums
  • Easier and more cost effective than waiting for in-person interpreters

You Save Time and Money...

Always available... pay only for the time you use... is far more cost effective than waiting for face-to-face interpreters.

Such face-to-face interpreters charge rates ranging from $50 to $100 per hour, usually with a two-hour minimum. They require advance reservations - so, even if your limited English speaker fails to show up, you still pay! Not so with!

Learn how you and your staff can be serving the public in over 170 languages.

Be In Compliance with Office of Civil Rights, and HIPAA.

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Code of Ethics

Confidentiality between Interpreter and Client.

Any Interpreter's sole responsibility is interpreting. During the course of interpreting, he or she will refrain from giving advice, expressing any personal opinions, or doing anything else that might be considered an activity other than interpreting. Every U.S. Interpreter agrees to follow the spirit and letter of this Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
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